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Discover Hungary's experienced foreign language-speaking talents at Origo Studios.

Find the perfect fit for your project quickly and efficiently.
Our platform provides production companies with access to a diverse and professional pool of foreign-speaking actors. Each actor is accepted by Origo Studios, ensuring quality and professionalism. Benefit from Hungary's 30% tax rebate and other advantages with these talents on your production.



  • Fluent English and other foreign language speaking talents
  • Higher receivable tax incentive amount
  • Less accommodation cost
  • Less travel cost
  • Less transportation cost
  • Less per diem cost
  • Easier contractual situation
  • Less financial and accounting administration cost and workload
  • Easier accountability for the tax incentive cost control procedure
  • Less visa and work permit administration
  • Less carbon dioxide footprint
Origo Studios provides the interface free of charge between productions and actors without further participation in the process!
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